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We create customer value through honest technology and trust and responsibility for customer satisfaction.

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    Responsible management through practice of challenge and creativity

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    A company that offers newness

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    Emphasis on customer-centered quality management

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    A company that is trusted and leads the way

Future inet Co., Ltd. has made commitments with customers a top priority since its establishment in 2001

It is a trust-based company for optimal quality maintenance.
Since its establishment in 2001, the company aims to become one of the nation's leading manufacturers in the field of solution development and electronics and home appliances
It leads the market in TV, air conditioning, washing machines, and refrigerators.

Multimedia business and B2B sales are the main businesses, and through the convergence of IT and science
We are promoting various forms of multimedia business.

We will take the lead in creating the value of sustainable growth by promoting advanced management innovation.

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    Innovation and Leading
    A company that leads the industry by introducing new technologies and standards one step ahead.
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    Customers and Society
    A company that considers its promise to customers as its top priority.
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    Quality and Trust
    A company based on trust through maintaining optimal quality
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    Talent and Growth
    A company that lays the foundation for growth by selecting and training excellent talent
Patents and Certificates

Patents and Certificates

  • LG 인증서

    LG certification

  • 기술역량 우수기업 인증서

    Certificate of excellent technological capability

  • 기술혁신형 중소기업 확인서

    Confirmation of technologically innovative small business

  • 이노비즈 협회증

    Innobiz Association Certificate

  • 전기절약 확인서

    Electricity Savings Confirmation

  • 정보통신공사업등록증

    Information and communication construction business registration certificate

  • 중소기업확인서

    Small and Medium Business Confirmation

  • 탄소절감 확인서

    Carbon reduction certificate

  • 사물 인터넷 환경에서의 컨텍스트 기반 보안 방법 및 그에 따른 시스템

    Context-based security method and resulting system in the Internet of Things environment

  • 콘텐츠 전달 네트워크에서 네트워크 공격을 검출하는 방법 및 네트워크 공격을 검출하는 CDNi 네트워크 시스템

    Method for detecting network attacks in content delivery network and CDNi network system for detecting network attacks

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