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Tmax 구름 SD

Terminal OS for remote access with strong security and usability
Provides a smart work environment with one PC

Tmax 구름 SD is a terminal operating system for remote access that combines the cloud security framework of the National Security Technology Research Institute and the technology of the Tmax Group.

It is optimized for remote access based on strong security and usability, providing a safe remote work environment with just one PC.

Tmax 구름 SD Features and Benefits

  • Trust boot
    OS integrity check when booting the terminal
  • Operating system protection
    Real-time OS inspection and stop operation in case of infection
  • Executable file protection
    Files can be executed after decryption
  • browser protection
    Differential security can be applied by browser
  • Full disk encryption
    Terminal hard disk encryption

Tmax 구름 SD security technology

Application of remote access specialized technology for smart work

  • Meets National Intelligence Service telework security requirements
    Security module and full disk encryption provide a safe and secure environment from boot-up.
  • Work in-house/from home with one laptop
    Supports safe internal network access through Tmax 구름 SD’s VPN pre-authentication.
  • Work environment customized access process
    Two-level security policies such as OTP and SMS can be applied, and VDI interconnection in a network separation environment is supported.
Tmax OS


Public institution work laptop equipped with cloud platform
  • AS-ISUse of 2 desktops
    2 PCs per person
    PC for Internet
    Work pc

    Working from home is difficult due to the inability to take the product outside.

  • TO-BEUse of 1 laptop
    1 PC per person
    Work + Internet PC

    Convenient to work from home as it can be taken outside

Components needed for ON-BOOK

  1. 01
    Cloud platform
    • ON-BOOK : Laptop + 구름 OS
    • GPMS : 구름 OS management server
  2. 02
    Network separation environment
    • VDI : Internet network or business network VDI configuration
  3. 03
    Network security
    • Firewall/Switch : Firewall, L2/L3 switch
    • VPN : first VPN, second VPN

Ministry of Public Administration and Security ON-BOOK (Tmax Cloud Equipped) User Scenario

User scenarios when working from home

Ministry of Public Administration and Security ON-BOOK remote access execution sequence

Ministry of Public Administration and Security ON-BOOK Network Conceptual Diagram

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